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Cold saw cutting metal profiles to length

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Sheet metal welding

NPI Overview

We make complex projects simple for our partners. That starts with our unique New Product Introduction (NPI) service. NPI is the process of taking a product from a design or prototype stage, through design for manufacture into full-scale production.

Putting your product through our NPI process will allow you to see and understand all the steps needed to take it from prototype stage to serial manufacture. We can review and advise on the functionality of the product against design and flag any specifications which might prove unachievable or financially restrictive.

Taking your product through NPI allows for a controlled release into scaled-up manufacture and enables our team to understand your labour and space requirements and generate accurate lead times and quotations.

NPI can also be invaluable for the onboarding of existing products in partnership with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

NPI as a Competitive Differentiator

Whether you are an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or a technology disrupter in your industry, the importance of implementing a robust NPI process has proven to be a key competitive differentiator for our customers.  The advantages:

  1. Reduced development costs through early collaboration
  2. Faster time to market through reduced development time
  3. Improved product quality through the development of a consistent, repeatable approach
  4. More efficient manufacturing through the design for manufacture best practices

To learn more about NPI as a competitive differentiator, please download our free NPI white paper:

New Product Introduction Process Key
New product introduction (NPI)

The Pack Approach

At Universal Wolf, we recognise the role that New Product Introduction (NPI) plays in the manufacture of high-end metal fabrication. That’s why we created our dedicated NPI department. Our NPI team are best in class sheet metalwork and fabrication engineers who have deep technical knowledge and a passion for better that is unrivalled across our competition.

Our NPI department has been recognised as a game changer for our industry with one customer telling us they’re “not aware of any other manufacturers investing in NPI on this scale outside the automotive industry”.

Tools of the Trade

  • A member of the NPI team can take part in initial discussions to clarify if a project will require input from the NPI department
  • Customers will have a nominated Project Manager and NPI representative who will maintain regular contact with the customer
  • The NPI department will guide the release into manufacture ensuring a smooth transition
    The NPI department can highlight any quality processes that must be followed
  • The NPI department can formalise the scope of the project
  • The NPI department will be responsible for managing all technical aspects of the product review and adoption
Sheet metal product assembly