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CNC punch press - metal profiling

Metal Profiling

Metal profiling

Metal Profiling Overview

Anyone can fabricate metal. But it’s in our hands that we can do something special with it. Our offer metal profiling service delivers quality products to exact measurements in line with your specifications. We take products from profiling to market at speed. By sharing our insight and expertise, we will help you decide how to take your product from development to production.

Our core capability is material up to 10mm thickness, although we are able to accommodate outside of this. See ‘Tools of the Trade’ below for more information.

The Pack Approach

Our teams are experts at profiling. We use laser profiling, precision CNC punch profiling and can cut ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Our punch has multi-tool options to boost productivity and multi-bend capability to reduce operations. With access to the world’s largest range of punching tools on the market, we have a solution for every punching and forming application.

Metal profiling engineer
Metal profiling

Tools of the Trade

  • LVD Fiber Laser – 4Kw, 3m x 1.5m bed, up to 20mm thickness
  • Trumpf TruPunch P1000 – 2.5m x 1.25m bed, up to 6mm thickness, punching 600 HPM & marking 1000 HPM
  • For laser parts, our machines can profile up to 12mm thick stainless steel, 20mm thick mild steel and 15mm thick aluminium and 8mm thick copper
  • Our lasers also have the necessary technology to cut other materials such as copper up to 3mm, plexiglass 3mm and MDF 10mm