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Sheet metal bending press brake operator

Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending

Metal Bending Overview

When it comes to sheet metal bending, precision and productivity are the name of the game.

Our bending service delivers bespoke products and unique bends. With a force capability up to 230 tonnes, we always ensure that the intricate curves and bends we create are formed to your exact standards.

The Pack Approach

At Universal Wolf, it’s the expertise of our people that makes us really special. Our team is made up of people who have significant experience in sheet metal bending. For our customers, it means that when they come to us with a problem, a member of our team has typically not only seen it before, but also resolved it before; and we collaborate to share and benefit from this knowledge.

Being a good metal bender is all about being able to understand a drawing and get to the most efficient and simple solution. Some of the biggest mistakes around sheet metal bending generally come down to human error. That’s why experience is so important – without it, the risk of human error in metal bending is high.

From simple 90-degree bends to complex structures, our bending team are experts with experience across a range industries and products. Our Easy-Form precision laser technology delivers high accuracy and productivity so that each product is formed to the exact angles you require.

Metal painting
Metal fabrication assembly

Tools of the Trade

  • Trumpf Series 5000 230-ton 3m Press Brake
  • Trumpf  Series 3000 100-ton 3m Press Brake
  • Trumpf Series 3000 66 Ton 2m Press Brake
  • Trumpf Series 3000 170-ton 4m Press Brake x2
  • LVD PPEB 8 Multi Axis CNC Press Brake 2.5m x 80 ton
  • LVD PPRM Multi Axis CNC Press Brake 1.25m x 35 ton
  • Pearson PBT 100 CNC Press Brake, 3m x 100 ton
  • 36” manual pyramid rolls
  • A dedicated PEM cell enabling us to fit and apply studs, inserts and fixings into metalwork