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overhead shot of Tharsus facility on Coniston Road

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

tharsus engineer working on electro-mechanical project

Electro-mechanical assembly

For Universal Wolf, responding to requirements and creating added value for our customers is in our DNA. As experts in complex sheet metal fabrication, we partner with our customers to deliver exceptional products. From Design for Manufacturing support to fabrication and assembly, we support our customers through every stage of the product life cycle.

Universal Wolf is part of the Tharsus Group of industry-disrupting companies. Our sister company, Tharsus, are experts in advanced manufacturing and leaders in robotics and automation. Via Tharsus, we are able to offer electro-mechanical assembly for your products. This offers several supply chain, assembly and value-add benefits.

One less supply chain headache for our customers

Coordinating between different suppliers can add time and complications to the manufacture of your product. Outsourcing your electro-mechanical assembly to Tharsus can help to simplify your supply chain management, as we coordinate between ourselves and mitigate any delays. This is particularly useful in relation to Quality Assessment and management, which are taken care of by us, in-house.


Smoother, faster assembly

Our integration with Tharsus means that there is constant communication and collaboration between our two businesses. We work together to ensure that specifications and deadlines are met, leading to a smoother assembly process for our customers.

three colleagues on Tharsus shop floor
two colleagues talking on tharsus shop floor

Efficient Logistics

Outsourcing metalwork to Universal Wolf and interior electrical assembly work to Tharsus can also improve your logistics value. Rather than shipping an empty metal box from one supplier to another, electro-mechanical assembly has already been taken care of, which means that you can focus on your own value-add and IP.


To discuss outsourcing your complex metalwork needs or electro-mechanical assembly, contact our Business Development Team via this form.


You can also visit our sister company Tharsus to learn more about their electro-mechanical assembly capabilities.