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Sheet metal fabrication design and assembly engineer

Design for Manufacturing

Sheet metal product design

Design for Manufacturing Overview

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) sits in the initial stage of the project development journey. Customers typically engage our Design for Manufacturing service to ensure their product design is manufactured in the most efficient and effective manner possible, resulting in a product design that is not only cost-effective, but optimized for repeatable manufacture too.

Our Design for Manufacturing service expertly complements our customers’ design capability. We are able to advise on tolerances and drawing standards, enhancing product maturity and getting your product manufacture-ready.

Whether it’s a complete product design or to improve an existing design, we have the expertise to support you at every stage of the process. From baggage scanning equipment to military projects, we have the expertise and technology to deliver accurate and trustworthy design support – on time, every time.

The Pack Approach

Whether it’s advising on design or reworking a blueprint, our support goes beyond taking the order. We see the bigger picture. We understand the wider story. Our team will advise you on how to make the project work, by designing accurate, production-ready drawings ready for manufacture.

Not having a robust Design for Manufacturing process could potentially result in a product that is not fit for purpose – for example, as a result of impossible bend geometry, or unsuitable fixtures and fittings. It could simply be that it is not cost effective to manufacture. Our robust DFM process eliminates the need to repeatedly remake or redesign your product – equating to considerable time, cost and resource savings.

Fabricated metal product design
Design for manufacturing

Tools of the Trade

  • Create and share product designs with internal and external customers using Autodesk Inventor
  • Radan CAD/CAM software using actual machine data to ensure accuracy of flat pattern developments
  • Cutting programs for LVD Lynx 4KW laser and Tru-Punch 1000 generated from Radan, using smart nesting to ensure maximum use of material