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Sheet Metal Welding

What we do

We partner with people who believe in big ideas, bravely executed. But having an idea is just the start. Success requires a team with the character and expertise to make it happen. That’s where we come in. We seek out customers with the toughest challenges who need a team they can trust with the resilience to deliver. We thrive on a challenge, whether that’s taking an idea to market or delivering against a complex brief. So if you have a challenge and need a team you can trust, let’s see what we can do together.

Our services

Dedicated to exploring and pushing the boundaries of what‘s possible, we’re on a quest to partner with customers that want to go further and do more. With a purpose-built facility where we combine expertise and skill, we can do everything from designing the concept to scaled-up production.

New product introduction (NPI)

At Universal Wolf, our unique NPI process takes your product from design to manufacture, into full-scale production with a trusted team of skilled engineers and designers by your side. Our team has deep technical knowledge across a range of sectors - working with established OEMs as well as start-ups and tech disruptors - and a passion for better that is unrivalled across our competition. Find out why our NPI department has been recognised as a game changer for our industry here and learn more about the work we do here.

We offer

  • A personal Project Manager to answer all your questions and maintain regular contact
  • A smooth transition from design into manufacture, applying expert design for manufacture techniques
  • The NPI department can highlight any quality processes that must be followed
  • A full appraisal of the scope of the project.
  • We’ll manage all technical aspects of the product review and adoption process

Professional make-to-print

We partner with established OEMs who believe in big ideas, bravely executed. But having an idea is just the start. We complement an established capability in fabrication design with DFM (Design for Manufacture) support for smooth serial production. With our pack approach based on passion, people and purpose, we deliver professional make-to-print services specific to your needs, giving you quality products you can trust. Read more about our work here.

We offer

  • Serial production
  • Early supplier involvement
  • Clear quality requirements
  • Defined specifications

Value added manufacture

From established businesses to start-ups, we offer value-added manufacturing (VAM) that is totally unique to your needs. Whether your business is at capacity or you just want a manufacturing expert to take on the heavy lifting, we can bridge the gap between supply and manufacture. So when you need a team you can trust with the resilience to meet the challenge, our team will be there for you. Learn more about our work here.

We offer

  • Take ownership of Bills of Material and the supply chain
  • Additional assembly
  • Integration of electromechanical parts, components and subassemblies

New product to market

We thrive on a challenge and have the expertise and experience to help bring your new product to market. From concept to fabrication, we can support you early in your development process with the full range of skills to support your product from idea to reality. We partner with technology disruptors that need a supply partner they can trust, guiding them on best practice for scalable manufacture and supply chain management. Every product is made with care at the Universal Wolf premises – where traditional methods intersect with modern craft and manufacturing. Find out more about our work here.

We offer

  • Assistance early in the development process
  • Guidance on best practice on manufacturing and supply chain
  • We can develop your product and scale it through the product lifecycle