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Craig McFall, Fabrication supervisor at Universal Wolf, wearing safety glasses and leaning over metal frame

Welding Fabrication: The Wolf Pack Way

22 November 2021

Craig McFall, Production Supervisor at Universal Wolf – leaders in complex metal fabrication

As a Production Supervisor at Universal Wolf, it is my job to ensure all processes are performed to the highest standard. I have been with the company for more than seven years since I started as a time-served Welder Fabricator. Since then, I have been promoted to Team Leader and then Supervisor. For me, Universal Wolf has enabled me to pursue my ambitions and push myself further.

At Universal Wolf, it’s our drive for better that sets us apart. We always say ‘good is not good enough’. Whether we’re talking about our equipment or quality we always strive to be that little bit better. Our pack approach means always putting the customer first and understanding exactly what they need.

Why the Power of the Pack Matters to NPI

The power of the pack philosophy is intrinsic to every part of our job. We always help each other. If we have a challenge, we pull together to get it done, from winning the project to shipping it out. That makes working at Universal Wolf more rewarding than other companies because our people don’t succeed on their own – we succeed as a pack.

We apply that pack philosophy to our New Product Introduction (NPI) process. It helps us to not only understand what a customer wants but find ways to do it better. That may include new technologies or new welding and fabrication techniques – but we will ensure we work in the customer’s best interests.

Welding Fabrication Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is fundamental to working at Universal Wolf. We are always looking for Kaizen opportunities. These are moments when we can make incremental improvements. From a single change, we can not only make one process quicker and safer but start a domino effect that improves several parts of a project.

Our philosophy is to challenge and be challenged. Anyone in our team can challenge anybody else on ways to think differently, change processes and do our jobs better. We all learn from each other because it helps us grow.

Being part of the pack also means having the right attitude and behaviours. When we are hiring, we always look for passion. It goes beyond technical skills. It’s about working with others, being a good listener and contributing as part of the team. If a prospective employee shows good attitudes and behaviours, we can train them to the standard we need.

That’s why we invest in continual training both to develop our colleagues and to give us more flexibility on the shop floor. We always teach multiple team members a particular skill so that if demand increases, we can meet it.

At Universal Wolf, we are always looking to the future. Our Grow Your Own programme is designed to train people and help them get to the next level of their career. It helped me reach the position of supervisor, and so I know from experience that it works. It not only delivers for each colleague’s personal growth but also creates a better, stronger company for the long-term. And that is ultimately, what the power of the pack is all about.