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interior of lontra enclosure

Universal Wolf and Lontra partnership set for ramp-up in Blade Compressor® production

26 April 2023

Universal Wolf and Lontra partnership continues to grow

Universal Wolf, a complex sheet metal fabricator based in Blyth, Northumberland, is partnering with Lontra, an innovative engineering technology company, as they prepare to increase production of their award-winning Blade Compressor® technology initially applied as a blower as used extensively in the wastewater treatment and pneumatic conveying industries.

The two disruptive, UK-based companies are working in partnership to deliver Lontra’s technology to a global marketplace. With distribution agreements in place in the USA, production is set to increase over the next 12 months, with Lontra on track to open up new markets in Europe and Asia. This forecast growth will solidify Lontra’s place as a key player in the UK manufacturing and export market.

Lontra have recently announced a significant recruitment drive for their new smart factory in Doncaster which will produce their innovative Blade Compressor® technology and export to customers around the world. The first clean-sheet, widely applicable, compressor design in over 80 years the Blade Compressor® is a disruptor in the compressor and blower industries. It has demonstrated energy savings of up to 34% when compared to current competitive technology, resulting in significant cost savings for users.

Universal Wolf and Lontra work in partnership to manufacture the metalwork enclosure which holds the Blade Compressor® technology. The enclosure is an intricate piece of engineering, unique in design and aesthetic, and finished to a superior standard. It is custom-engineered to reduce emitted sound, creating a safer and more comfortable working environment. Visually very different to a traditional compressor product, the enclosure is one of the things which makes the Lontra design so memorable and recognisable.

Steve Lindsey, CEO at Lontra, commented:

“The Lontra Blade Compressor® is our flagship technology and a true innovation in the world of compressor design. With key distribution partnerships in place around the globe, our new facility will be vital in responding to that demand, as will continued close relationships with our key suppliers, such as Universal Wolf.”

David King, Senior Design Engineer at Lontra, added:

“We’ve been working with Universal Wolf from the start of the prototype design, through to the fully manufactured product. We were highly impressed with their workmanship and their drive to create the best possible technical and commercial solution in partnership with Lontra, and we are looking forward to working with them as we ramp-up production volumes.”

Tim Rutter, Managing Director at Universal Wolf, praised the partnership:

“The relationship between Universal Wolf and Lontra has been in place for many years and is based on open communication and collaboration, and mutual trust. It is fantastic to see the supply of this breakthrough technology increase as more and more businesses around the world start to consider both their energy usage, and the impact their activity has on the world around them. We look forward to continuing to work with Lontra to meet this growing demand for their product.”


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