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Sunamp, the manufacturer of world-leading thermal storage technologies

Sunamp accelerates distribution of thermal energy storage systems across the UK and Europe, in collaboration with Universal Wolf

14 October 2021


A Scottish manufacturer of world-leading thermal energy storage technologies has announced an extension to one of its professional partnerships as it looks to scale production of its heat battery storage systems.

Sunamp will deepen its collaboration with Blyth-based Universal Wolf, a leader in complex metal fabrication, to accelerate the distribution of its heat batteries across the UK and Europe. Sunamp uses Universal Wolf’s New Product Introduction (NPI) service to refine and improve the full-scale production of its batteries. This process plays a critical role in improving design quality, reducing development cost, and scaling up production volume, resulting in a more efficient manufacturing process to get products to customers more quickly.

Sunamp’s energy storage technology, developed in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry, makes homes and buildings more energy efficient, sustainable, and self-sufficient, whilst reducing carbon emissions. It does this by optimising renewable energy sources on-site, supporting the grid to allow more renewable electricity sources and harvesting waste heat for re-use.

Sunamp thermal stores are designed to have a lifespan of up to 50 years, and to be highly circular in their product life cycle. The product range includes the world’s most compact and most energy efficient alternative to hot water cylinders and storage water heaters. Connected to renewable energy sources such as heat pumps, Sunamp heat batteries support net-zero heating and hot water, using less energy than other forms of thermal energy storage while taking up a fraction of the space. Utility companies and their customers can benefit by using these compact thermal stores to support demand response as an alternative to new network infrastructure investment.

Will Howell, Production Manager at Sunamp, said: “Sunamp is already active in 17 countries and has so far shipped over 15,000 thermal stores for the residential market from our UK manufacturing facility. Universal Wolf not only bought into our vision but matches our ambition and free-thinking design and engineering. This partnership will accelerate our ability to bring Sunamp’s ground-breaking technology to new markets.”

Craig Brown, Business Development Director at Universal Wolf, said: “Innovative approaches to manufacturing have a critical role to play in enabling the UK to meet its ambitious Net-Zero targets. Sunamp is indicative of a new wave of business emerging to meet the climate crisis – one committed to making a significant positive contribution to how we store and consume energy.

“We share Sunamp’s vision of a world powered by affordable and sustainable energy – these are the sort of projects that matter to Universal Wolf. Our pack’s expertise in NPI will help refine the manufacturing process to support Sunamp achieve its ambitious international expansion plans and scale production.”

The partnership follows Universal Wolf’s collaboration with Lontra on its ground-breaking compressor, which represented the first clean-energy compressor design in 80 years.

Sunamp recently closed a £6m investment from the Scottish National Investment Bank to fuel international growth.


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