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Lontra Blade Compressor® enclosure

Sheet Metal Enclosures

28 July 2018

Universal Wolf specialise in the design and manufacture of sheet metal fabricated enclosures aligned to your business needs.

50 Year Pedigree

Over the past 50 years, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and developed a metal enclosure manufacturing pedigree second to none. We are skilled at providing high quality bespoke enclosures and canopies to a wide range of customers throughout multiple industry sectors.

From small, electronic and electrical boxes, through to large and highly complex enclosures and metal cabinets, our team of skilled metalworkers are on hand to support you through all aspects of enclosure design and specification, through to serial production of low to medium volume metal enclosures.

Built on Trust

We believe that every successful relationship is based on honesty and a commitment to do the right thing for our customers.  This means we will look for ways to improve the design of your metal enclosure or housing. Our customers trust us to work closely with them, interpret their needs and surpass their expectations when it comes to enclosure development and production.

We know that in many cases the sheet metal enclosure is the first thing your end customer will see when they get their product, that’s why we pride ourselves in making sure that the quality of the metal enclosures and canopies we produce convey the high standard (and of course the price!) of the overall finished product.

We understand how disappointed your customer would be if the high quality product they purchased from you was let down by the external housing. That’s why we work closely with our customers to get a clear understanding of the products functionality, the environment it will be operating in, the product life cycle and the visual aesthetic requirements.  Consideration of these elements allows us to create enclosure manufacturing specifications that are aligned to your fundamental needs. Through our robust manufacturing processes you can be confident that your sheet metal enclosure will meet all technical and functional needs and, because most of these processes are controlled within our business in-house, we are confident that our pricing will be competitive across the UK.


We believe in a passion for better and work tirelessly to build long term relationships with our customers, that’s why our approach to metal enclosure design and development is a collaborative one, which takes into consideration both the needs of you and your end customers.

With a breadth of in-house capabilities to offer, Universal Wolf is ideally placed to support all manner of complex metal fabricated enclosures and sheet metal housings. Our services include:

In addition to our metal enclosure manufacturing services, our sister company Tharsus is one of the leading UK manufacturers of complex electromechanical machines.  This service is ideal for companies who are looking to outsource more than just metal enclosures, as Tharsus has the expertise and knowhow to provide dedicated contract electromechanical assembly services, from subassemblies through to finished product depending on the level of subcontract service you are looking for. For more information on this, please visit 

If you have a metal enclosure, cabinet or canopy project you would like to discuss, please get in touch with a member of our sheet metal manufacturing team who would be happy to talk to you and explore how we could be of assistance.