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Example of Universal Wolf sheet metal enclosure fabrication - interior of lontra enclosure

Sheet Metal Enclosure Fabrication

a man in a Universal Wolf branded jacket, standing next to three Lontra compressor enclosures

Universal Wolf has many years’ expertise in sheet metal enclosure fabrication.


Working with companies across a range of sectors, we’ve made enclosures to house cutting-edge compressor technology, precision industrial machinery, and complex electronics.


End-to-end sheet metal enclosure fabrication

If you’ve got a design for a custom sheet metal enclosure and would like some support to get this to scaled manufacturing, let us help. Using Design for Manufacturing, we can ensure your product is streamlined, solid, and optimised for repeatable, scalable manufacture.

We understand that, in many cases, the enclosure will provide the first impression of your product to your customer. This means that the enclosure fabrication must reflect the quality within. With a full end-to-end service, from metal profiling and bending to painting and fabrication, we control each step of the process. For you, that means less supplier management, and tight quality control.

Heller 5 Axis CNC machining centre

Take a look at some of our metal enclosure fabrications

We’ve worked with customers across the UK, manufacturing products that go into a number of different environments. Take a look at some of our metal enclosure case studies:


Lontra Blade Compressor enclosure

Heller H-series CNC machining centre


Let’s talk about your sheet metal enclosure needs

If you’d like to chat about how we can help with your custom metal enclosure fabrication, complete our Contact Us form or call our Head Office to discuss your needs.