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a sheet metal worker measuring a fabricated metal frame

NPI in Rail Manufacturing | Why New Product Introduction is Important to Rail Metal Fabrication

8 March 2022

Why NPI is Important

At Universal Wolf, we recognise the critical role that New Product Introduction (NPI) plays in the production of metal fabrication that is able to support successful rail project delivery.  Bringing a product to market is a team effort and we understand the importance of working with your design teams to industrialise your designs to support the manufacturing process with demanding delivery timelines.  That’s why executing a robust NPI process can be the difference between success or failure.

As experts in complex metal fabrication, we offer a dedicated NPI facility and a team consisting of the grandmasters of sheet metal fabrication. These experts not only possess deep technical expertise, but a true passion for better.  Here at Universal Wolf, we have developed a phased, gated NPI approach that keeps our customer appraised of project progress and assures activities are completed on time, in full.

NPI as a Competitive Advantage

There is major competitive advantage to be gained by a vigorous NPI process, including:

  • Reduced development costs through early collaboration
  • Faster time to market through reduced development time
  • Improved product quality through the development of a consistent, repeatable approach
  • More efficient manufacturing through the design for manufacture best practices

LONTRA Case Study: Cost Effective, Scalable Manufacturing with Ambitious Design

Lontra approached us with a basic design for the metalwork that would hold their core compressor technology and other high-value components. They needed a partner who could both support them in ensuring the design was suitable for manufacture through our NPI process; and work with them to scale up the manufacture of the product.

Read more about how we helped Lontra bring their revolutionary new Blade Compressor® technology to market:

Lontra – Universal Wolf

 About Universal Wolf:

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