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Mechanical Assembly

Metal fabrication for the transport industry

28 April 2018

We have extensive experience of working to the demanding standards required to supply products and components into underground, rail and tram systems. Having met the exacting requirements of many of the country’s leading transport systems engineers, you can be assured that we are a capable and qualified partner.

Railway Engineering

In an industry known for complex specifications in materials, welding, painting and finishing, we have extensive experience and expertise, supplying components for carriage interiors, exteriors, equipment rafts, signalling and platform projects.

LUL (London Underground Ltd)

We have a full knowledge of specifications and quality requirements needed for the rail environment and supply a significant amount of products to LUL.

Messaging & Signage

We work closely with companies in these sectors from design to manufacture of Vehicle Activated Traffic Control Signs, Car Park Signs, Information Displays and traffic signals. We understand the timescale requirements and use our extensive design experience to ensure best value product.

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