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A welder wearing protective mask and gloves welding metal, sparks flying from weld gun

Made in Britain┃EN15085-2 Rail Welding┃Metal Fabrication

9 February 2022

by Tim Rutter, Managing Director at Universal Wolf – leaders in complex metal fabrication.

UK Railroad Manufacture And It's Future It Has

Rail & the Introduction of New, Innovative Technology

It has been a remarkable couple of years for all sectors, including Manufacturing.  Looking ahead, there are some very exciting opportunities for UK Manufacturing, particularly the rail sector.   

As part of COP26 and climate change commitments, the UK can look forward to the progressive removal of diesel-powered trains and the introduction of battery technology.  Battery and hydrogen power will together play a role in crucial transport infrastructure that both serves our communities, but also looks after our environment. 

Some of our existing train fleets are reaching the end of their lives; other new, innovative technology is being introduced such as High Speed and increasing amounts of Light Rail and autonomous technology. 

Onshoring Rolling Stock Manufacturing Encourages Positive Social Value to the UK

Encouragingly, there has also been a recent expansion in UK onshore rolling stock manufacturing to meet these current and future needs, adding positive social value to the UK through increased ‘Made In Britain’ products throughout all levels of the supply chain. 

Rail Welding Accreditations Positions Universal Wolf to Be Ready to Play Our Part

Companies like Universal Wolf, as part of our long-term commitment to the UK rail sector, hold key qualifications such as EN15085-2 for rail welding. This means we can manufacture safety & quality critical components to rolling stock OEMs’ and their whole supply chain. This qualification is a demonstration of our skill – from our highly trained Pack – and means that we as a business are ready to support these critical UK projects. 

This qualification is demonstration of our expertise – from our highly skilled Wolf Pack – and means that we are a business ready to support these critical UK rail projects.   

A Metal Fabrication Business with A 50-year Heritage in the North East of England

It is key that businesses such as Universal Wolf, who have a 50 year heritage in the North East of England, provide highly skilled jobs in a region that greatly benefits from strong companies such as Tharsus Group (Universal Wolf’s parent company).  We’re a strong, financially stable, and highly capable company with a track record of working with companies of all size – from start-up technology disrupters to well-established OEMs.   

Now more than ever, we see customers who need dependable access to a stable UK metal fabrication supply chain, who can successfully partner to deliver key projects.  It is an exciting future ahead in UK Rail, and Universal Wolf are ready to play our part. 

About Universal Wolf:

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