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Universal Wolf welder working on a complex metal fabricated frame, wearing protective equipment

In praise of North East manufacturing and fabrication

11 September 2019

Patrick MacDonald, Managing Director; and Craig Brown, Business Development Director; discuss the high quality of complex fabrication and manufacturing within the North East of England.

Listen to Craig and Patrick’s opinions on the strength of the manufacturing and complex fabrication market in the North East; and why Universal Wolf is perfectly placed to scale our business in line with customer demand.



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Video Transcript

CB: We’re seeing a huge demand across the country for complex metal fabricated parts. There’s definitely a gap in the industry from a capacity and a scalability point of view. There’s a huge pedigree in the North East for good quality manufacturing companies, there’s a lot of passion in the area; so we’re seeing a trend of customers who are prepared to look further afield – and Universal Wolf is perfectly placed to be able to support their requirements. It really comes down to the ambition and appetite that we have within our organisation. Universal Wolf is all about a ‘passion for better’.

PM: The North-East has a considerable skill level in fabrication, and that helps us as we are in a very niche market of complex fabrication. We have a good level of skill in the area, and there are also good apprenticeship schemes around that continue this traditional fabrication. It allows us to be able to scale our business.

Our business is all about people, and the significant skill level that they have – and our ability to work together and marry our technology with our superior skill level in fabrication. We are investing in the future with apprenticeships. I think, overall, as long as we keep focus on the journey ahead, I think that the North East has a bright future for this type of product.


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