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Aaron Bateman and Neil Wilson, Chairman's Award joint winners, accepting their awards from Brian Palmer OBE

Going the extra mile: congratulations Aaron and Neil

26 April 2024

Chairman’s Awards: Going the extra mile to deliver for our customers

Tharsus Group’s annual Chairman’s Awards celebrate colleagues who have raised the bar in their work and gone beyond the call of duty to deliver exceptional service for our customers.

In today’s update, we will introduce the joint winners of our ‘Mission’ category, Aaron Bateman and Neil Wilson. Aaron and Neil went the extra mile – quite literally – when it came to ensuring we met our on-time, in-full obligations to a customer.


Due to an issue with our external transport company, only one unit could be shipped to the customer in question instead of the scheduled two units. This was going to cause a huge delivery issue for the customer, who urgently needed both units to be able to deliver on their own obligations.

Aaron and Neil volunteered to deliver the second unit to the customer – a 500-mile round trip – even cancelling planned annual leave to do so.

They completed the journey on a Friday, arriving home after midnight.

Thanks, Aaron and Neil, for undertaking an epic road trip to ensure our customer still received their products on time!

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