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Corran Hicks and Brian Palmer OBE, Founder

Delivering ‘better’ for our customers

26 April 2024

Delivering better for our customers

Our company values of ‘Better, Smarter, Pack’ guide the actions and behaviours of our colleagues. In this series, we’re shining a light on our colleagues who have gone above and beyond in their role.

The winner of the 2023 Chairman’s Award in the ‘Better’ category was Corran Hicks, whose eye for detail ensured the accurate fabrication of a complex customer product.

The devil’s in the detail

Corran works within the Bend cell at Universal Wolf. He was nominated for this award for an exceptional job he did with one of our customers products.

Corran spotted an anomaly with bought-in parts, which were minute and very easily missed. Knowing the complexity of the product, Corran decided to add an extra step to measure the parts to make sure they were right. His thoroughness saved time, money and disruption.

Thanks, Corran, for going above and beyond to make sure the outcome was the right one for both our business and our customer.

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