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Bump Hub at Tharsus

COVID-19 support at Universal Wolf

21 May 2020

At Universal Wolf, we are constantly evolving best working practices and social distancing measures to allow us to bring our colleagues back to work while keeping them safe from COVID-19.

We started early in the crisis, making free standing hand sanitiser units. Free standing – so without needing to be fixed to walls they could be quickly deployed. In fact, we got the first 40 finished and running across our sites – including that of our sister Tharsus – virtually overnight.    

Now we’re collaborating with Tharsus on Bump – a new system designed to help with social distancing and help limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

What is Bump?

It is a Personal Motion System that helps to change and improve personal distance behaviour. When someone else is too close, it immediately lets a wearer know through real time alerts. Alert data is also uploaded onto a secure online dashboard for longer-term feedback.

Bump uses a combination of Bluetooth and ultra-wide band technology for device to device communication and securely transferring wearer analytics for online retrospective data.

What are we doing?

At Universal Wolf, we help manufacture the hub, which is the system responsible for uploading all the Bump devices data securely onto the online dashboard. This allows all wearers to see their individual data and for admin insights into how people interact in the workplace.

People are at the heart of Bump and they can now empower themselves to socially distance effectively and act safer in the workplace.

Bump is being trialled by Tharsus’ partners and will be commercially available in June. Find out more about Bump at

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