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Universal Wolf Case Study Lontra


Technology Disruption: NPI Through to Manufacture

Lontra approached Universal Wolf with a design for a fabricated base frame and enclosure metalwork. We worked with Lontra to develop their work and bring their revolutionary new Blade Compressor® technology to market.

With proven reliability gains and energy savings, the Lontra Blade Compressor® is the first clean-sheet compressor design in over 80 years.

Lontra are a leading engineering, manufacturing and digital services business whose Blade Compressor® technology is its flagship innovation: the first widely applicable new compressor design in over 80 years. Its design and geometry mean that it leaks less, uses less energy and is more reliable than traditional machines of this type.

Lontra approached us with a basic design for the metalwork that would hold their core compressor technology and other high-value components. They needed a partner who could both support them in ensuring the design was suitable for manufacture through our New Product Introduction (NPI) process; and work with them to scale up the manufacture of the product.

Lontra Blade Compressor® enclosure

Complex Metal Fabrication: A Better, Smarter Solution

Universal Wolf worked with Lontra on the design of the enclosure for their Blade Compressor® technology, from the prototyping stage of product development, through to working in partnership with them to manufacture the pre-production enclosures for the product.

We supported Lontra on the design and the future manufacturability of the enclosure, helping to create a unique product that is robust, efficient, and noise dampening – a critical consideration for those working alongside compressor technology in a manufacturing environment.

Our partnership approach was key for Lontra, with both teams understanding that the relationship and collaboration between our companies would be key to the success of the project.

Cost Effective, Scalable Manufacturing with Ambitious Design

The partnership between Universal Wolf and Lontra is built on trust. We supported Lontra as they took their compressor from prototype to full-scale manufacture, maintaining the design integrity of the enclosure and controlling costs at the same time.

Our support means that the enclosure is designed for scaled-up manufacture and cost-effective, while also maintaining Lontra’s design ambitions – a unique, sleek and highly detailed casing which relays the quality within. With our support, Lontra’s product is proven to be up to a third more efficient than its competitors, offering incredible energy savings and delivering significant improvements in reliability.

This was achieved by a collaborative working relationship in which we were able to match our partner’s ambition, working as part of their extended team to help bring the product to market and supporting their goal to make the world better. We look forward to scaling with them as they take their innovative Blade Compressor® to the global market.

Lontra Management Team