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BT Rack and Cable Support System



Over the last decade, the BT 21st Century Network (21CN) programme has transformed the UK’s data and voice network.

As the main supplier of BT’s traditional TEP1e overhead cabling system, we worked with BT to develop a new solution that would streamline installation and improve efficiency.

To support the rollout of BT’s new broadband network, we developed and supplied cable management systems that could cope with the increased exchange upgrade activity.

BT testing circuits
BT Rack and Cable Support System

A Better, Smarter Solution

BT needed a partner that would be able to deliver at scale and speed. Within 12 months, we had the capacity to deliver in excess of £1m of product per month to a nationwide network of installation businesses.

Our best-in-class solutions delivered a number of benefits including improved health and safety by reducing time spent working at height and overall installation times.

To support the rollout, we provided full back office order planning system to ensure we delivered the project exactly as BT needed when they needed it.


We developed and supplied overhead telephone cable management solutions for the BT’s 21CN programme, which was viewed as a share-price critical project and has accounted for a large proportion of BT’s capital investment.

Through a collaborative working relationship, we delivered a greatly reduced total time and cost of installing cable management on site. By working together, we reduced fit out times from one and a half days for two fitters to two hours for one fitter. Our system provided increased cable volume and improved separation of both copper and fibre cables from AC and DC power cables.

By working as part of BT’s extended team, we were able to deliver to site within five working days, working closely with the site installation teams to provide timed deliveries to each telecom exchange across the UK, enabling an efficient and cost-effective supply and fit out programme.

BT Rack and Cable Support System