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Side on shot of BAE Systems Panther TES vehicle

BAE Systems – Panther TES

Challenge:  Urgent Operational Requirement

When global defence, aerospace and security company BAE Systems approached us, they needed support with an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) for Panther Theatre Entry Standard (TES) vehicles, which required new components to be supplied on a rapid turnaround

BAE Systems Panther, the British Army’s command and liaison vehicle (CLV), needed the new components to support the upgrade of 73 vehicles which were being customised to theatre entry standard.

Designed for strategic and tactical mobility with a high level of protection against anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, Panther provides operators with a lower vehicle profile while still giving a high level of crew protection.

Two BAE Systems Panther TES Vehicles being driven on location
BAE Systems Panther Theatre Entry Standard vehicle in a desert

Solution:  Delivered on Time Panther TES Vehicle Sets

We worked with BAE to provide technical feedback during the quotation phase and implementing design improvements prior to production to ensure the most robust product quality was achieved.

Despite only receiving new component data and authorisation on Christmas Eve, we managed to schedule additional Christmas working to ensure the UOR timescales were met, delivering first parts to BAE Systems the first week in January.  In total, we delivered 73 kits of 39 different parts meeting all delivery requirements.

Impact: Universal Wolf “Acknowledged at the Highest Levels”

We have supported BAE for many years across a range of land system vehicle production, to recognise our achievements of consistently supplying high quality fabricated parts, we were awarded the BAE Chairman’s Bronze Award for our work on the Tactica vehicle production.

Our professional approach, controlled manufacture and integrated systems enabled us to deliver theatre entry standard BAE Systems Panther TES vehicle sets, consisting of 39 different components and subassemblies on time and in full during the first week of January.

Client testimonial:

“Your efforts to achieve TES have been acknowledged at the highest levels, well done.”   

Alan Leaver, Lead Procurement Manager, BAE Systems.

Side on shot of BAE Systems Panther TES vehicle